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ZRl rollpans

This simple street mod provides your custom car or Chevy ZR1 S10 truck with a clean smooth shaved look.

You can use either fiberglass, or steel rollpans, I prefer the steel. The cut out Rollpans for many makes and models. Some of the hottest models are: Nissan, Chevy S10, C10, Suburban, the Dodge Dakota and Ram Pickup Truck. The Steel Rollpans need to be welded and ground, after you bolt them on. You need to make sure to line the rollpan up correctly before you screw in the sheet metal screws at the top lip of the rollpan .

Are RollPans Illegal?

For many states bumpers are not required on trucks until recently, so if your truck is one of those, you should be fine.

California and Colorado do have stipulations for bumpers, including a 3" distance-you should look up the new regs in your state to make sure, they can change. Every state has different laws when it comes to bumpers so you'll have to look up your specific state to make sure you don't get a visit from the rolling xmas tree. But, you will usually be left alone unless causing trouble...or the local police ran out of donuts and coffee ;)

Custom Buckets and Taillights

You can really maximize the look of your truck by customizing the taillights cutting right into your new tailgate or you can use caddy buckets to make your truck unique.

Once you have decided to get rid of that bumper, you may also want to shave those taillights.