This page is about truck rollpans, striving for the best in customized truck modifications.
Look through our sections to discover different rollpans features.

Truck Rollpans

Putting on a Rollpan, is a simple modification that provides your custom street car or truck with a clean, smooth shaved look. This adds to the value of your car or truck and the overall looks and style.

You can get Rollpans for many different makes and styles. Here are some hot vehicles to change: Nissan, Chevy Suburban, Chevy S10, C10D, The Dodge Dakota and Ram Truck.

The basics of adding a rollpan are as follows (Dodge Ram):

  1. remove tailgate
  2. take off license plate
  3. unplug all electrical
  4. un-bolt
  5. remove side-lights
  6. remove brackets
  7. disconnecdt bracket to the bumper, two bolts on either side, one of top
  8. should look like big empty hole
  9. remove stock hitch mount and spare.
  10. check out the round cut out where there is a bold, and the two bolds on either side.
  11. jack up the bed of the truck.
  12. fit the steel rollpan over the back area to make sure it fits right
  13. sheet metal self-taps where the side of the rollpan meets the side of the truck
  14. put screws into holes, make sure to use rubber washers
  15. you may have to pre-drill holes-make sure what you are pre-drilling into and try to keep your screws just long enough plus some to do the job
  16. keep your electrical connections clean, you will have to wire up the the license plate light

RollPans Illegal?

For many states they did not require bumpers on trucks until recently, if you pre-date the change you should be fine, but make sure to check anyway-just in case. For sure California and Colorado have laws prohibiting tight rollpans, but there are ways of dealing with that, so don't be discouraged. Some really custom things can be done that look great

Rememeber to look up your state's regulations. Most of the time they won't bother you anyway, but hey, they are out to make bucks for tickets now, so protect your rollpan and save yourself some hassles...or hope that your friendly neighborhood police don't mind ;)

Customizing Taillights or Buckets

Since you've got rid of that bumper, now you may want to also shave those taillights.

Isn't it true that one thing leads to another? After you get your rollpan on, you just have to customize those taillights...Why? Because they are there, and they look a thousand times better and match the custom job you just did on the rollpan. That being said adding shaved taillights and buckets to your vehicle will only make you look all the better. The clean polished look will be there for you every morning you look at your truck, and you will appreciate the effort you made.

You can really polish the look of your truck by customizing your taillights cut right into your new tailgate or use caddy buckets to make your truck different.