Many custom vehicle designers use Caddy Buckets because of the amazing style they bring to their creations.
Explore some of the advantages of customizing your ride with these and other unique taillight kits.

Caddy Buckets

People love this modification because of the style and class it gives their truck.

Most choose the long skinny style of the '89 through '93 Cadillac Deville but some others prefer the rounded look of the later '94 through '99.

Mini Cadillac Taillight Conversion?

You may need to pick up a smaller set for your Mini Truck as the regular size may not fit properly.

You can find mini versions made to fit your smaller truck tailgate. The regular size will usually work better on full-sized trucks or cars.

Custom Taillight Installation

Installing these lights usually only requires a relatively few tools. You can probably get by with only a grinder, an airsaw and maybe a welder to complete this installation.

Once you've marked the tailgate with the template it's as simple as cutting the hole and fitting in the buckets. Then welding them into place. A little grinding and sanding and paint and you've got your lights installed!