Installing an S10 Blazer rollpan, A few pointers and tips on what you can put on your S10 Blazer.
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Custom S10 Blazer rollpan

Putting a Rollpan on your S10 Blazer will change everything-removing the stock family car bumper and giving the back a shave and some Taillight filters, and using a tailgate relocating kit can make a huge difference in looks.

Rollpans aren't difficult to install. You are basically removing your back bumper, you want to take off the electrical going to the bumper first, keep it in tact because you will use it again. In brief, you take off the bolts from the inside underneath, remove the bumper, clean things off so it's easy to put your rollpan on. Then, you can take duct tape and line the rollpan up, making sure to square it on all sides. The steel bumpers are usally bolted/screwed or welded. After you line up the top, screw in 4 or 5 sheet metal screws to the upper lip, then tack-weld the tops of both sides, make sure you are still square. Watch the heat on the welder, and tack every inch just to hold in place but penetrate. Then, weld the seams. After you are done, grind the seams smooth and remove any weld material that may have stuck to the sheet metal. Hook the light back up and the license plate, there you go!

RollPans Tips:

Some people use duct tape, rollpans are round, so it can be difficult to hold it in place. Just make sure to get the duct tape well out of the way when you either screw in (don't screw throught the tape), or keep it from the heat of the weld, it's just to hold it in place because you may be the only one doing this. Take off the tape, then tack-weld the top, then go to the other side and do the same, then do the rest of your tack welds. Your S10 Blazer will look fantastic.

Custom Taillights or Buckets

Adding Custom Taillights and buckets are a definite asset to the looks of your vehicle. Take a look at our pics at the top, the better looking trucks have no tailgate handle you can notice on the back, and either use use taillight filters or some variation to change the look. You can leave the rollpan in primer after your done until you get a chance or have the cheese to get the new modifications, but they are well worth it. Look at the finished S10 Blazers, nothing else like them on the the street.