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chevy rollpan

This simple modification provides your custom street car or truck with a clean smooth shaved look.

Rollpans are made for many makes and models. Some of the most popular are Chevy S10, C10, Suburban. Nissan. Dodge Dakota and Ram.

RollPans Illegal?

For many states bumpers were not required on trucks until recent years, so if your truck is one of those, you should be fine.

Every state has different laws when it comes to bumpers so you'll have to look up yours. But you will usually be left alone unless causing trouble...or the local police are bored ;)

Custom Taillights or Buckets

Since you've got rid of that bumper, now you may want to also shave those taillights.

You can really polish the look of your truck with these custom taillights cut right into your new tailgate or use caddy buckets to make your truck unique.