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Tailgate Handle Relocator

This simple modification provides your custom street car or truck with a clean smooth shaved look.

Where'd it go? Tailgate Handle Relocators do exactly that-they remove the tailgate handle, most are switched to the forward side of the tailgate where you can still access and drop the tailgate, but you can't see it from behind. This makes a big difference when customizing your trucks rear end. Lowered, nice paint job, special rollpan and Taillight filters, then you remove the Tailgate Handle and you have a very polished and perfect look. you can pick these up for many makes and models of trucks. Some of the most popular are Chevy S10, C10, Suburban, Nissan, Dodge Dakota and Ram pickup trucks.

Question: Is relocating the Tailgate Handle Illegal?

No. It's a pretty straight-forward operation dealing with the removal and patching of the hole, and cutting out and transfer of the handle to the other side of the tailgate, only the babes and envious will know you have done this-and those who have a sense of style and love customization done right.

Custom Tailgate Handle Relocator Tips:

Some Tips:

Once the parts are removed you want to clean the surface before laying out the templet for the access hole. It was very easy to do just follow their instruction and mesure twice cut once. Once you cut out the hole do you self a favor and take the time to file or de-bur the edges of the hole because in the final stages you will be twinsting your fingers down insode their to hook up the rods to the latch.

After you've taken out the handle assembly you are better off, in most cases taking off the tailgate and putting it on two saw horses. Remember while doing this, to measure several times to make sure you get it straight-a mistake costs more time and effort, even though you learn through the hard knocks. Follow the instructions. You can save yourself trouble in fitting and not to mention skin, at times, but filing off the excess metal fragments around the area-it will fit right and you may save your own skin.

Do yourself a favor while using your Tailgate Handle Relocator, and get a good quality kit-they can come with bad bolts that break, and that's not good. If you get a better quality kit, then it will perform well and stand up under pressure. and get the right stuff for the job.

*Make sure the entire surface is kept clea; clean before you start, and keep the metal shavings, paint, dust, grease off and you will thank yourself in the end. Things fit better when they are clean of debris. Not to be a clean freak-it's just a better experience all around ;)