When to add taillight Fillers, To close up the holes to relocate your taillights.
Discover all the features of Taillight Fillers and rollpans by navigating through the sections below.

Taillight Fillers

This simple modification provides an excellent, clean, smooth shaved and sharp look.

Taillight Fillers are made for almost all makes and models. Some of the most popular are created for Suburban, Nissan, Dodge Dakota and Ram Truck, Chevy S10, C10 trucks. Some of the best finishing touches to customizing the tail of your truck, after you put in a new rollpan, is to put in taillight Fillers, then place your buckets where you want them and add caddy-buckets and lights or other light modifications.

Question: Are RollPans Illegal?

In many states Bumpers were not required until recently, so if your truck modification pre-dates the law you may be fine.

Make sure you check with the regulations in your own state. States can vary on their requirements; currently CA has a 3" rule, there are ways of dealing with this that make an even better custom job. But you will usually be left alone unless causing trouble...or the local police are bored ;)

Customizing Taillights or Buckets

Shaving those Taillights can add the best touch to the back of your truck. You can also look for customized tail-lights that are lazer-cut and add style.

Taillights can be cut right into your tailgate or you can use caddy buckets to make your truck unique, then use the taillight fillers to close the holes-far less hassle than trying to make them! There are many possibilities that you can explore. Don't cut yourself short by stopping at the rollpan. Taillight Fillers are great, good Fillers can run anywhere from $50 to over $100 for a set.