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Steel Rollpan

This simple modification gives your custom street car or truck a clean, smooth shaved look. A modified truck or car with a good steel rollpan will literally steal the show, the better the job, the more attention it will gather. Rollpans remove the rather plain and family oriented look of the common rear bumper adding style and beauty to your vehicle. They are very possible to put in, you don't have to be a rocket scientist, just dedicated to make it happen, and reap the rewards after you are done, the memories of which will last the rest of your life.

Steel Rollpans are custom made for many makes and models. Some of the most popular models are Chevy S10, C10, and Suburban; Nissan; Dodge Dakota and Ram Trucks.

If you mode your truck, you change your world.

So, Are RollPans Illegal?

In Many states bumpers were not required on trucks until recently, so if your truck is one of those that fall into those years, you should be fine.

Every state does have different laws when it comes to bumpers so you'll want to look up yours. But you will usually be left alone unless causing trouble... or the local police are tired of playing on their ipads ;)

Still it doesn't hurt to check up on things, if they have a difference in spacing, then there are ways of dealing with that and they look fantastic.

Using Custom Taillights or Buckets

Since you've got rid of that old bumper, you want to look into shave those taillights.

You can really transform the look of your truck with these custom taillights cut right into your new tailgate or use caddy buckets (inserts that hold caddy lights) to make your truck unique and change the entire experience . Caddy lights are a favored transformation that ads style and sets your truck apart. You can also add buckets to place your taillights uniquely in several different ways, including recessing the lights, or making them perfectly flush with the tailgate or rear quarter panel.