This page is about Chevy Trucks rollpan, Rollpans are rather simple to install and add greatly to the looks of your Chevy Truck.
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Chevy Trucks Rollpan Installation

Making this simple change will transform the back end of your Chevy Truck. Just look at the pictures above. The shaved look with a steel rollpan, Light filters or buckets with recessed lights, completely alter the appearance of the vehicle. The work isn't difficult, but it is very rewarding.

Rollpans are made for many makes and models. Some of the most popular are Chevy S10, C10, Suburban. Nissan. Dodge Dakota and Ram. This conversion looks great with many popular Chevy Trucks, as well as the Suburban and Nissan, Dogdge Dakota's and Ram Trucks.

Tips on Rollpans

Just some tips to make it easier. When doing a rollpan modification, make sure to clean everything well.

If you drill out metal, make sure to clean the metal spurs off the inside if you are fitting parts, and watch the fingers around sheet metal.

Make sure your rollpan is square-that being said, you can use duct tape to help with this, just don't leave it on too long, and don't screw through the duct tape if you are wanting to keep it clean.

stand back after you duct tape and look at the rollpan from a bit of a distance to make sure you are square

You can use sheet metal screws on the top lip to secure the rollpan to the metal

If using duct tape and you are welding, keep the tape away from the heat, so, pull the tape down, do your first tack weld, and remove the rest.

You will want to tack weld around 1 inch apart all the way down, then fill the gap-watch the heat, this is sheet metal.

That being said, you will also want to grind the welds smooth or body fill over the top, and take the spurs, etc. off. When doing this, you can use a slightly wet rag to cool off while grinding, grind, wipe, grind, wipe. If it gets too hot, it will warp.

Steel is the way to go. Fiberglass can do some tricky things down the line, and if you install the steel correctly, it will last like the rest of the body.

Enjoy yourself and take your time. You can leave it in primer until you do the other tricks, like re-mounting the tailgate handle-you need a kit for that-and it makes all the difference when you do this.

Every state has different laws when it comes to bumpers so you'll have to look up yours. But you will usually be left alone unless causing trouble...or the local police are bored ;)

Custom Taillights or Buckets

Adding customized Taillights or buckets can really make the finishing touch on the back of your vehicle. You can purchase buckets to mount the lights, and different taillight kits that add greatly to the looks. You can also get Taillight filters to add over the top of your tail lights. Some of these are lazer -cut and really trick.