You'll find some amazing Chevy blazer rollpans. They really make for a smooth look.
You can find out more about them by researching.

Chevrolet custom bumpers

You can find rollpans for Chevy Blazers for many different years. They redesigned the blazer in 1995 and many like the earlier style better.

Though blazers in the later years have a large following as well.

Chevy SUV Bumpers

The small sport utility vehicle became popular to customize with the Chevy Blazer. It is probably the most to go under the welding torch for shaving.

It used to be only the sport trucks were chopped, shaved and lowered, but now SUV's are also being cut and bagged.)

blazer rollpan installation

Sometimes it can be an easy install, but you need to know your truck and your abilities. It isn't always as simple as take off bumper and install rollpan.

The frame and chassis and brackets don't always match up the way you'd think they should. You may have to cut off the rear of the frame to get a good fit.