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s10 roll pan

Modifying the chevy S10 with a customized rollpan dresses the truck up completely. That, and a clean, shaved look changes the entire appearance of the S10.

Rollpans are not too difficult to place on the S10, it's a great project to do, also, other popular brands are: Chevy ZR1-S10, C10, Suburban, Nissan, and the Dodge Dakota and Ram Trucks.

Are S10 RollPans Easy to Install?

They are fairly easy to install. It really doesn't take a lot of know-how, you can actually follow directions from Youtube, or, if you want you can get a pro to put the rollpan on for you. Either way, rollpans look great.

Tips: some people use duct tape while positioning their rollpan, just before they screw the rollpan in place. This assures that everything is straight, and you can step back and make sure it's lined up. Don't screw through your tape, you'll never get it off. Also: If you are going to weld your steel rollpan on, make sure to tack-weld the top, and then position and tack weld around every inch down, then weld in the rest. Watch your heat, and when you grind, watch the heat. You can use a moist rag to wipe, grind, wipe, grind, to prevent it from warping-too much heat causes warping.

Custom Taillights or Buckets

Shave those taillights! Putting in custom taillights and buckets makes all the difference in the world. This is done to YOUR individual taste and style, and there are many different looks to choose from. .

Make your custom vehicle unique. Some people choose to put in caddy-buckets with caddy lights, this is a great effect. Others use laser cut covers for their tail lights for a really cool effect. These are things that you can do and you don't have to be a rocket engineer. You can also use a tailgate relocator kit and make that tailgate disappear. If you need help, always do a search on youtube.