Dodge Dakota Trucks look great with a rollpan installed.
Removing your bumper and replacing it with a roll pan makes your Dakota look so much more custom.

dakota rollpan

One of the easier mods you can make to your custom sport truck is a rollpan bumper. You'll love the new smooth shaved look you get from it.

Installing them is pretty easy. You'll need to pay attention to the wiring. You will want to zip tie up any loose wires you have left after the conversion.

RollPans Illegal?

Most states didn't require bumpers on trucks till the last few years, so if your Dakota is a safe year, there should be no problems.

Most states have differing laws when it comes to rollpans. You will have to check with your DMV. Unless you're causing problems, you will most likely be left along...unless the local police are bored ;)

Cutout taillights or tailgates

Once you get rid of your bumper, you can enhance your Dakota more with custom cut out taillights or filters.

These are sometimes cut right into your tailgate or you can get a tailgate skin. Sometimes you can get buckets or metal frames to put your lights into.