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Tahoe Rollpan

This quality modification provides your custom street truck with a clean smooth shaved look, moving it about 10 knotches above the run-of-the-mill trucks on the road today.

They create Rollpans for many makes and models. Some of the more popular are Chevy S10, C10, Tahoe SUV, Suburban, Nissan, Dodge Dakota and Ram Trucks.

Are RollPans Illegal?

In the case of many states, bumpers were not required on trucks until only recently, so if your truck already has one of those, then you should be fine.

Each state has different laws regarding their bumpers, so you'll have to look up your states rules and see what's up. We find that you will usually be left alone unless causing trouble...or the local police are bored ;) Still, with budget cuts and the need to raise government money-who knows-better safe to check the reg then sorry. You can customize things around that actually look even better. In California there is a 3" law, and they have some very clean ways of dealing with it. Don't worry about your hitch either, you can also deal with that in several different ways, including hiding it.

Customizing Your Taillights or Buckets

Shave those taillights.

Shave your taillights for the perfect look on your Chevy Tahoe SUV. Few vehicles look as good a a lowered Tahoe with a rollpan and customized Taillights. Taillight buckets house the lighting unit itself, and can be customized to recess into the body for a deeper and more professional look.