This is the installation of a steel rollpan on a Chevrolet Tahoe.
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Tack Welding

This steel rollpan was tack welded to the sides of the truck. We could have also welded to the body had we removed the dropdown tailgate, but the sides were solid enough without that.

When welding these you want to let the bumper cool off between welds so you don't warp the steel. Also be sure the welder isn't set so high you burn through the metal.

Trailer/Receiver Hitch & Spare Tire

We had to remove the receiver hitch as it would have stuck through the rollpan. The removal was as simple as unbolting, though we needed both metric and standard sockets to do this.

The spare tire was also in the way and needed to be removed or it would have stuck out the bottom and not looked very good.

Tahoe Frame

The frame where the original bumper attached stuck out too far and it had to be shortened with a cutting torch.